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1. What services does Archilles Garage Door Repair Chelmsford MA offer?

Archilles Garage Door Repair Chelmsford MA offers a range of garage door repair and installation services, including spring repairs, cable replacements, opener repairs, and full installation of new garage doors.

2. How do I know if my garage door needs repair or replacement?

Some signs that your garage door may need repair or replacement include grinding or squeaking noises during operation, uneven movement, visible damage to the door itself, or difficulty opening or closing the door.

3. How quickly can Archilles Garage Door Repair Chelmsford MA come out to my location for service?

Archilles Garage Door Repair Chelmsford MA strives to provide same-day service whenever possible for urgent situations. Otherwise, they work with customers to schedule appointments at the most convenient time for them.

4. Are there any warranties offered on services provided by Archilles Garage Door Repair Chelmsford MA?

Yes! All parts installed by Archilles are backed up by a manufacturer warranty; additionally our in-house labour is covered under warranty so you're protected against defects in both materials & workmanship when working with us!


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