Facility core team

The Facility is hosted by FAO in Rome, Italy. It is composed by a team based in Rome (details below) and coaches posted in the field. FAO staff (from HQ and regional offices) provide additional coaching support to countries.

Facility team based at FAO HQ in Rome

Management Team

Mr Jerker Thunberg, NFP Facility Manager (Jerker.Thunberg@fao.org)
Mr Johan Lejeune, Senior Operations Officer (Johan.Lejeune@fao.org)


Ms Xiaojie Fan, Coach for Asia and Pacific  (Xiaojie.Fan@fao.org)
Mr Michael Chihambakwe, Coach for Southern Africa (Michael.Chihambakwe@fao.org)
Mr Atse Yapi, Coach for West Africa (Atse.Yapi@fao.org)
Mr Fred Kafeero, Coach for East Africa (Fred.Kafeero@fao.org)
Mr Jhony Zapata,  Coach for Latin America (Jhony.ZapataAndia@fao.org)

Ms Sophie Grouwels, Coordinator Growing Forest Partnership (Sophie.Grouwels@fao.org)

Information Services and Communication Team

Ms Marguerite France-Lanord, Coordination and Facilitation (Marguerite.FranceLanord@fao.org)
Mr Luca Paolini, Information Systems and Database (Luca.Paolini@fao.org)
Mr Marco Perri, Website and Documentation Design (Marco.Perri@fao.org)
Ms Laura Schweitzer, Website data (Laura.Schweitzer@fao.org)

Capacity Building Team

Mr Olman Serrano, Financing Strategies (Olman.Serrano@fao.org)
Mr Fred Kafeero, Stakeholder Participation - Conflict Management (Fred.Kafeero@fao.org)

Administrative Team

Ms Daniela Mercuri, Budget Assistant (Daniela.Mercuri@fao.org)
Ms Ulrika Häggmark, Programme Assistant, English and French Speaking Countries (Ulrika.Haggmark@fao.org)
Ms Zoraya Gonzales, Administrator Spanish speaking countries (Zoraya.Gonzales@fao.org)

National Forest Programme Facility
Forestry Department
Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations
Viale delle Terme di Caracalla
00153 Rome, ITALY
Fax: +39 06 570 55137